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Treehouse clubs wars

Enough is enough!
There are two main, (the largest), kilt forums. XMarks the Scot, (XMarks). and Brotherhood Of The Kilt. (BOTK.)

XMarks has been around longer and BOTK was founded and joined by those unwilling or unable to put up with the rather strict moderation at XMarks.

Follow me so far? The past month has seen bannings, warnings, threads locked ... all because these two sites are battling for membership and dominance.

Soooo ... As near as I can tell, it's all about which boy's treehouse club is better.

If you try to get my members I'll ban you from X treehouse. And if you try to talk about the rules at X treehouse, We will close the thread.

And B treehouse will wear badges of pride when banned from X treehouse.

And both treehouses will proclaim their superiority and have members that call their chosen treehouse 'Home.'

What a bunch of adolescent BS!

I have been told that I represent all men in kilts when I wear a kilt; that I should comport myself with dignity…

Cadpat Fabric

I know, I know; this is a blatant sales post but this stuff ain't gonna last long, so first come first serve. And I want to give my readers first shot at this stuff.
Click the pic to go to the Bear Kilts In Stock page.


A kilt is an undeniably male garment. One of the few male garments left in the world these days.
There's a lot of male bashing these days. Anything that's purely male is frowned upon and labeled as unsightly.
Kilts, for some reason, are an exception to this.

What's a fella to do?
I wore a pair of grey sweat shorts to go play catch with my son today. When we got to the park, I took off my tee shirt in the hopes of tanning my "lily white belly." (I used quotes because that was said to me the other day ... in the spirit of a friendly challenge, of course.)
I've lost a lot of weight in the past few years but I'm not lean, yet. I just don't care what people think of me anymore.
It was very refreshing to go shirtless, to feel the sun on my skin, the wind whispering through my back hair.
That's right; back hair.
"Back hair! Eeeeewwwww!"
I'm 50 and hairy. It's called being a man and I won't apologise for it, any more than a woman shou…

It's Time

You've probably heard the old Chinese blessing/curse, "May you live in interesting times."
Has there ever been an uninteresting time?
It's the person that makes what he can of the time he has. Some of us decide we're going to wear kilts, or play poker, or ride a unicycle to work, write a book ... or carry a whoopie cushion.
It doesn't matter! We're the interesting part of our time!
Time is a theory. We live.

I know people from all walks of life. I've had a hundred different jobs from the tech industry to ditch digging. I've sharpened skates, planted trees, sold my own oil paintings, written stories, and at times, gone hungry. I understand the joy of lifting a boulder way too heavy for me out of a hole and I understand how mass curves space.
I've been in love and I've been alone.
For most of my life I've had a part of me that is childlike in wonder of it all.
There has never been an uninteresting time. Ever!
I don't get people that stay in a…

Kilts and Poker

I can't help thinking there's a lot in common between guys who wear kilts and poker players.
Both like to see a friendly hand. Ha!

With kilted guys and poker players, there's a mindset there that says, I can't be beaten; a certain risk factor ... no, a bit of derring-do that challenges others to do what so few can do. Sometimes it's a bluff and sometimes it's real and you just can't tell with either kind of guy unless you call the bluff.
Kilted guys and poker players can both look you in the face with a twinkle in their eyes, smiling and ... you just can't tell.
A guy in a kilt is usually bluffing when some guy makes a rude comment about his kilt. There's some danger of physical violence there.
Poker players have a similar level of violence in many of the games they play, though not on the higher echelon tables.
It's learning to live with risk. It's gambling that you'll be around to play another day.

But none of us are fools.
Smart poker players…

Forum Fodder

It's a long weekend? Whodathunkit?
Victoria Day.
For those of us who are struggling to make a home business work, (read struggling to pay rent), there's not even regular weekends off.
Long weekends are a myth, like three headed dogs ... or a photo of yourself that you're really happy with.
I have a large order of kilts I'm working on and will be finished soon. Then, I'll be trying to catch up on old orders and put more kilts on my In Stock pages. I'm hoping to add some women's kilts soon.

I'm still taking orders, too.

I found a kilt forum I really like. It has the feel of the now defunct Tom's Café but it's larger and more strictly kilts. It's called Brotherhood Of The kilt.

It's a fun forum and that's been lacking for a long time. Caption contests, haiku contests ... and there's stuff here that would be banned on other sites. Nothing too awful, as it is a family friendly site. It's a site that allows the fun of wearing a kilt to be…