Blog moving day

New blog post about an old idea and two of my favourite things... I've decided that blogspot is a pain in the ass, so I'm consolidating my pages and will henceforth be blogging on my Patreon page.
Here's the new MacBitseach Kilts logo.
I couldn't find a real cave art wolf I liked, so I made this one. I'll add some red oxide and black later but the logo is done.

In the cave... painting

Well, I've got a bunch of photos of my cave art paintings on my site. The paintings are for sale. The mammoth and rosebud below are samples of the kind of work I'm doing.

Go to MacBitseach Kilts Shop on Facebook if you'd like to see more.

He's blunt! He's pissed! He'll put you on the list!

That line from A Knight's Tale leads nicely into this topic.

I've started a MacBitseach Kilts mailing list. If you want to be on it to receive news of my latest designs and any other news, just send a facebook friend request to  and I'll add you.

Well, that's embarrassing!

As I poke around blogger to get used to blogging again, I have discovered 31 comments from 2005 that I never answered because I didn't know they were there.

Some were tring to contact me to buy a kilt. Some were shairing their own kilted stories. One was a woman who said I was teasing her by wearing a kilt. Most were commenting on the posts.

Not one negative in the bunch and it gave me pleasure to remember some old pals.

It may be that real men wear kilts... but they're also good people.

The Bear

As far as my paintings go, here's the old Bear Kilts logo to give you an idea of what to expect.
This is done in acrylic paint, on paper prepared to look like stone. I'm working on a method of making a painting that looks like a piece of stone on the wall with a cave painting on it.
More pics to come.

No prescription necessary!

Because nobody feels good about putting pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.

Hey! New Guy!

You just got your first kilt and you want to look just right before you go out the door because you don't want to look like a doofus by wearing the wrong socks or some other such nonsense.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard this and how many times I've told people it just doesn't matter!
99% of the populace will see nothing but a guy in a kilt. They have no clue as to what is proper with a kilt and what is considered 'wrong' with a kilt.
As long as you've got the pleats in the rear, you're pretty much okay.
Traditionalists will argue that. They'll tell you how high your socks should be and how you should dress to suit them.
Other kilt wearers will tell you why your shoes don't match your belt, just to feel superior.
Fuggem. Fuggem all.
Nobody would dare correct what you wear when you're not in a kilt. Why let 'em tell you when you are in a kilt?
Every day I see guys in black suits and brown shoes; a fashion blunder if there e…