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I'm onto something ...
Back to the summer dress thing from a couple of posts ago. I was posting on and it hit me what I was missing about girls looking at men in kilts and guys looking at women in summer dresses.
It's about masculinity and femininity. It's about biological imperatives and the natural desire for a suitable mate. Propogation. Continuing the tribe. Improving the tribe.

A man in a kilt is a powerful masculine image.
A woman in a summer dress is a powerful feminine image.
Add the current ideal of attractiveness, (healthy), to those images and you bring forth urgent biological imperatives that go back to the dawn of humanity.

Whew! I've been wrestling with that question, (Why do so many women love men in kilts?), for a few years. I just had to mirror it, (Why do so many men love women in summer dresses?), to see the truth of it.

It seems simple now that I've got it.
Men love women confident enough to be feminine and women love men confident e…

Up yours

From Dr. Hook to The Pogues, The Halifax Wharf Rats tonight at Doolin's! It's Up Your Kilts Night!

Up Your Kilts Night happens every Thursday at Doolin's Irish Pub. The Halifax Wharf Rats are always a good show and the foot stomping and dancing will be going all evening. This is your chance to see Michelle Carlisle for free before she becomes a big star and charges the big bucks! True Story!
If you're in the area, pop by for a finely poured Guinness and the best weekly celeidh in Vancouver. Strap on your pleats or you might feel out of place.

What else are you going to do? Sit at home and watch reruns? Again? The couch is evil! TV is evil! Kilted life beckons!
And remember ... Kilted life is like a box of chocolates; once you lift the flap, everyone wants to have a peek. And you KNOW about women and chocolate!


You know spring has sprung in Vancouver when the temps reach double digits, the cherry blossoms start to bloom, and women start wearing summer dresses.
For years I've been trying to figure why women love to see a man in a kilt. I don't hear, "Nice legs!" when I wear shorts, so I knew there was something going on in women's heads I didn't get.
I get it.
It's all about summer dresses. I can appreciate a woman's legs when she's wearing a pair of shorts, but put the same gal in a summer dress and walk her past me again and she might start my heart beating faster. There's just something in a summer dress that makes her more attractive.
Now ... if I knew what that was, I'd be on to something!

The Bitseach is back!

I've finally managed to get my days off changed to Thursday/Friday, so I no longer have to work Friday mornings and can once again attend Kilts Nights at Doolin's Irish Pub on Thursday nights.
As it happens, Kilts Night is two days before St Paddy's Day, so it should be raucous, with lots of Irish drinks passing lips, dancing to The Halifax Wharfrats' Celtic tunes, and the weather report is naughty, with a 60% chance of kilt checks in the downtown area.
Men ... strap on your tartan and let's show the ladies of Vancouver how real men have fun!
Ladies ... see above. And ask before you kilt check. Proper etiquette is required in delicate matters.
I think a new bargain should be made for kilt checks. How about a kiss for a kilt check? Sounds fair to me. And only the REALLY curious, (or fun!), gals will pony up a kiss to find out the answer to THE question. All these years, when asked THE question, I've answered, "How warm are your hands?"
My new answer will…

Facekilt ...

... or maybe Kiltbook?
Whatever you call it, I have a page on there for MacBitseach Kilts.
(Facekilt ... Haha! I wish I could tell THAT story here!)
Naughtiness aside, here's the page on which I'll be doing most of my updating and announcements. (And there are some interesting new products/accessories in the wings!)

Bravehearts' Forum

Okay everyone. The original kilt forum is seeing very little action these days and it would be a shame if it were to shut down because it played a HUGE part in allowing you ... yes, YOU! ... the freedom to wear a kilt, gave the knowledge of how a kilt is worn and accessorized, and it has a wealth of information regarding kilts in society.
So, have a look at and see where all the 'old hands' at the other sites learned what they now know about kilts. And say Hi to WDP and thank him for keeping the site up when things were nasty in the old days and when they're slow these days. was also instrumental in the beginnings and early successes of the first kilt businesses in North America. Many a kilt was sold through!
And get this: no ads.
The only moderation I've ever seen was when trolls got so out of hand the whole forum was boiling over. Then WDP stepped in and stopped it. Otherwise, it's been a civil and pleasant place to talk kil…