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Standing on a somewhat crowded bus, having given my seat to a woman about my own age, I see an elderly man get on and look for a seat. There was none to be had, so he came to the middle of the bus and hung onto a pole unsteadily. His hands were shaking ... Parkinson's maybe ... and he just looked like he could fall over.
There were no young guys seated nearby. Just young women. I waited a few minutes, getting angry as the old fella got shook around by the stops and starts, then almost fell as the bus stopped quickly.
Enough. I had to say something.
"Any one of you so called ladies want to give this gentleman your seat?"
And they all looked away ... out the windows.
I couldn't fucking believe it!
And the old fella waved, as if to say, "Don't make a fuss. I'll be all right."
"So much for equality." I said.
Then, bless her golden heart, the woman driver of the bus announced, "This bus isn't moving until that gentleman gets a seat."…