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Electric Blue

This is Old Blue, the most comfortable bike I've ever owned and my favourite, including that purple mustang with the banana seat I had when I was 12 years old. (Close, though.) Old Blue is a lot like me. A little over 50 years old but still cool, a few dents and scratches, has some character, and is a bit too heavy for long rides.
I have a 20k commute from Marpole to North Vancouver. (About 12 miles and 2 bridges.) I'd be hard pressed to ride that even on a very lightweight ten speed road bike!
I can ride my unnamed mountain bike and put it on the front of the bus but Old Blue is too long to fit on the bus. I can take Old Blue on the seabus to North Van, which is a nice trip across  ...  but I'm also looking to stop paying the 2 zone fare.
Old Blue will soon be getting a new lease on life.
I've decided an electric motor will allow me to ride the 12 miles to work. (It will sorta flatten out the 2 really big hills on my route and shave off enough time to make…