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Treehouse clubs wars

Enough is enough!
There are two main, (the largest), kilt forums. XMarks the Scot, (XMarks). and Brotherhood Of The Kilt. (BOTK.)

XMarks has been around longer and BOTK was founded and joined by those unwilling or unable to put up with the rather strict moderation at XMarks.

Follow me so far? The past month has seen bannings, warnings, threads locked ... all because these two sites are battling for membership and dominance.

Soooo ... As near as I can tell, it's all about which boy's treehouse club is better.

If you try to get my members I'll ban you from X treehouse. And if you try to talk about the rules at X treehouse, We will close the thread.

And B treehouse will wear badges of pride when banned from X treehouse.

And both treehouses will proclaim their superiority and have members that call their chosen treehouse 'Home.'

What a bunch of adolescent BS!

I have been told that I represent all men in kilts when I wear a kilt; that I should comport myself with dignity…