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Cadpat Fabric

I know, I know; this is a blatant sales post but this stuff ain't gonna last long, so first come first serve. And I want to give my readers first shot at this stuff.
Click the pic to go to the Bear Kilts In Stock page.


A kilt is an undeniably male garment. One of the few male garments left in the world these days.
There's a lot of male bashing these days. Anything that's purely male is frowned upon and labeled as unsightly.
Kilts, for some reason, are an exception to this.

What's a fella to do?
I wore a pair of grey sweat shorts to go play catch with my son today. When we got to the park, I took off my tee shirt in the hopes of tanning my "lily white belly." (I used quotes because that was said to me the other day ... in the spirit of a friendly challenge, of course.)
I've lost a lot of weight in the past few years but I'm not lean, yet. I just don't care what people think of me anymore.
It was very refreshing to go shirtless, to feel the sun on my skin, the wind whispering through my back hair.
That's right; back hair.
"Back hair! Eeeeewwwww!"
I'm 50 and hairy. It's called being a man and I won't apologise for it, any more than a woman shou…