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It's a garment!

Okay, let's try to stay real, here.
I have had several guys say things like, "sorry Bear, I wore my kilt fully traditional but it was a wedding." Or, "Don't tell Bear but ..." and go on to say how he wore his kilt with a jacket and tie.
Just because my motto is, "kilts are garments, not costumes," doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them traditionally. Kilts are a traditional garment. If you get all dressed up with a plaid and ghillie brogues, I'm not going to be disappointed, nor should you care what I think one way or the other!
"Kilts are garments, not costumes," has more to do with being free to wear your kilt casually than restricting its use traditionally. There are some guys who wear their traditional wool kilts to our Kilts Night with untucked tee shirts and piper hose.
The look works. That's what matters.
Wearing your kilt as a costume has its place and there are dress rules for such occasions.
For casual wear, there…

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It's a new site I've started to help organisers of Kilts Nights around the world.

It's free to list your Kilts Night or similar, kilt related event. The sponsors of the site will be picking up the tab, so check out their sites, too.
(If you'd like to sponsor, e-mail me for pricing. And yes, I am one of the sponsors.)

Simply send me the pertinent info and I'll make a page for your city.
There's no longer any need to try to explain where your Kilts Night is located. Once I have the info, just tell your Kilts Night buddies to look it up on


So, why is it some men wear kilts easily and some that want to just can't seem to get up the courage? I've known guys that have bought kilts and not had the nerve to wear it in public for months.

Then there's that first day. The feeling of trying to be aware of everything at once, wondering if every laugh is at your expense, wondering if that girl's smile is for you or at you.

When I first decided to wear a kilt, I left the house and headed for the supermarket. I was nervous because I hadn't worn a kilt in public before but never questioned my judgement.

I am creative and trust my own judgement above that of others. I think the latter is a characteristic you'll find in most men that only wear kilts.
Where does that confidence come from?
For me, it comes from success. I've done a lot of different things and I can do a lot of them well. I can paint, draw, sculpt, and write with style, and I was a pretty good athlete in my youth. I've had a myriad of jobs,…

The filleadhship of the kilt

It's an odd thing, this filleadhship of the kilt.
Any guy who wears a garment that most men cannot or will not wear is going to be highly individualistic and not very needing of the approval of others.
Yet, when two kilted strangers meet on the street, they stop, shake hands, and talk. They have experienced similar things in their kilts. They have had experiences only another kilted man will relate to, such as windy days, not choosing to sit in the deep couch, ladders, etc.
So the two strangers meet and talk, then go their separate ways. They are happy to have found another kilted man in their area. They might even meet for a beer someday but it won't change the nature of each of them. They would wear a kilt, no matter who else wears one in their area, simply because that is what they choose to wear.
I've been told by guys dozens of times, "You look great! I wish I had the balls to wear a kilt."
So, what is the filleadhship of the kilt? It is mutual respect for a…