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Hey! New Guy!

You just got your first kilt and you want to look just right before you go out the door because you don't want to look like a doofus by wearing the wrong socks or some other such nonsense.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard this and how many times I've told people it just doesn't matter!
99% of the populace will see nothing but a guy in a kilt. They have no clue as to what is proper with a kilt and what is considered 'wrong' with a kilt.
As long as you've got the pleats in the rear, you're pretty much okay.
Traditionalists will argue that. They'll tell you how high your socks should be and how you should dress to suit them.
Other kilt wearers will tell you why your shoes don't match your belt, just to feel superior.
Fuggem. Fuggem all.
Nobody would dare correct what you wear when you're not in a kilt. Why let 'em tell you when you are in a kilt?
Every day I see guys in black suits and brown shoes; a fashion blunder if there e…

Universal Singer

I often see this busker downtown, while waiting for a bus. he plays guitar and sings a lot of folk music. You know; Bob Dylan stuff. He's seen better days. He's sixtyish, bad teeth, some interesting scars, and every now and then he rubs Rub-A535 on his shoulders.
Today, as I got to my stop, he was singing Born To Be Wild, which I thought was pretty cool and he sang it well. Then he went into Universal Soldier. If you don't know this anti-war song, a lot of the lines start with, "He ..."
While he was singing, a twenty something woman started asking him repeatedly, "Who are you singing about? Who are you singing about? Why won't you tell me?"
In the middle of the song!
He ignored her and finished the song because no matter what happens, you finish the song!
She had moved off to talk to her boyfriend by then and she was waving her arm like she was irked that the busker hadn't answered her.
Then she walked back.
"Who were you singing about? sh…