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I, MacBitseach

The MacBitseach tartan is finally here!

I'm very pleased with the colours and the quality of the wool. At 13oz, it seems lighter than the 11oz poly/viscose I'm used to.
Click on the pic to go to the Bear Kilts MacBitseach page.

Women in kilts

I was told today on a kilt forum that I'd lost a sale because I was willing to make a kilt for a woman. This guy told me I was offending his Scottish heritage by offering to make a kilt for a woman who was unsatisfied with a lighter weight skirt.
The woman was quite willing to have the kilt open on the left side. She just wanted a heavier garment than the usual women's skirt.

This opens the door to who is eligible to wear a kilt? Or a particular tartan?

To the best of my knowledge, Only the British Royal Family is allowed to wear the Balmoral tartan. Other than that, any tartan is available for wear. It should be worn with respect and with some knowledge of the tartan.

But what about kilts themselves? Can we, in this day and age, state that women are not allowed to wear kilts? I hear that statement a lot. It may not be traditional for women to wear kilts but there are a lot of untraditional things happening with kilts nowadays.
Some have pockets. Some have alternate pleating s…

I quit

For one month, I have not posted a blog entry.
Nor have I beaten anyone to death, poked any eyes, bitten off any fingers, or punted a cute puppy over a tall fence.
Or smoked one cigarette.
I kept my attendance record clean and attended our monthly Vancouver Kilts Night. I even got fairly drunk, just to show I could get drunk and still not smoke.

In the past month, I came to at least one realisation.
I was checking out the constellations, stargazing, whatever you want to call it, pondering the incredible insignificance of the survival of life on just one of the billions of planets.
Then I thought of some of the questions I've read on the kilt forums.
There is so much nitpicking as to how to 'properly' wear a kilt. Which socks look right, what is the difference between casual and casual/dress, underwear or commando, etc.
Here's my realisation; it doesn't frigging matter!
There are more important things I like to think about. Like, what's for dinner? What time is Stargate …