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This symbol is a tomoye. Each of the three comma shapes represent one of the three essential ingredients of a healthy, happy life.
Mind, spirit, and body.
I haven't balanced these yet, but I'm on the right road.

I have always wanted a tattoo but set myself a one year waiting period for any tattoo idea.
That was twenty-five years ago when I was studying Karate and Jiu Jutsu.
Since then, I've always had one design or another in mind but they never felt right after a year's waiting. The tomoye has always been near the top of my list.
As I become more interested in balancing mind, spirit, and body, the tomoye feels right. It might be time to go see my friendly, neighbourhood tattooist.

Expect more about symbols here. Until then, consider this:
Everything changes and everything is connected. Does that mean everything changes together?


I'm starting a run of Cadpat kilts.
If you want one, email your sizes. (W/H/L)