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This blog is about wearing, making, and some of the social aspects of kilts. I started wearing and making kilts in 2003.
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Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm onto something ...
Back to the summer dress thing from a couple of posts ago. I was posting on and it hit me what I was missing about girls looking at men in kilts and guys looking at women in summer dresses.
It's about masculinity and femininity. It's about biological imperatives and the natural desire for a suitable mate. Propogation. Continuing the tribe. Improving the tribe.

A man in a kilt is a powerful masculine image.
A woman in a summer dress is a powerful feminine image.
Add the current ideal of attractiveness, (healthy), to those images and you bring forth urgent biological imperatives that go back to the dawn of humanity.

Whew! I've been wrestling with that question, (Why do so many women love men in kilts?), for a few years. I just had to mirror it, (Why do so many men love women in summer dresses?), to see the truth of it.

It seems simple now that I've got it.
Men love women confident enough to be feminine and women love men confident enough to be masculine.
No matter how much today's society tries to androgenize the genders, biology, (nature), still shows us the right way.
And I am, naturally, male.

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