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Okay everyone. The original kilt forum is seeing very little action these days and it would be a shame if it were to shut down because it played a HUGE part in allowing you ... yes, YOU! ... the freedom to wear a kilt, gave the knowledge of how a kilt is worn and accessorized, and it has a wealth of information regarding kilts in society.
So, have a look at and see where all the 'old hands' at the other sites learned what they now know about kilts. And say Hi to WDP and thank him for keeping the site up when things were nasty in the old days and when they're slow these days. was also instrumental in the beginnings and early successes of the first kilt businesses in North America. Many a kilt was sold through!
And get this: no ads.
The only moderation I've ever seen was when trolls got so out of hand the whole forum was boiling over. Then WDP stepped in and stopped it. Otherwise, it's been a civil and pleasant place to talk kilts for ... well, 10 years that I've been a member at least. And I've heard war stories of times further back than that!
I've said this on but I don't think I've said it publicly before.
Thanks, WDP! We owe you a lot, the absolute least of which is our thanks.
And that goes triple for anyone making money in the kilt biz!

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