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I am The MacBitseach of Clan MacBitseach. (MacBitseach is Irish Gaelic for son of a bitch.)
This blog is about wearing, making, and some of the social aspects of kilts. I started wearing and making kilts in 2003.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Up yours

From Dr. Hook to The Pogues, The Halifax Wharf Rats tonight at Doolin's! It's Up Your Kilts Night!

Up Your Kilts Night happens every Thursday at Doolin's Irish Pub. The Halifax Wharf Rats are always a good show and the foot stomping and dancing will be going all evening. This is your chance to see Michelle Carlisle for free before she becomes a big star and charges the big bucks! True Story!
If you're in the area, pop by for a finely poured Guinness and the best weekly celeidh in Vancouver. Strap on your pleats or you might feel out of place.

What else are you going to do? Sit at home and watch reruns? Again? The couch is evil! TV is evil! Kilted life beckons!
And remember ... Kilted life is like a box of chocolates; once you lift the flap, everyone wants to have a peek. And you KNOW about women and chocolate!

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