The Bitseach is back!

I've finally managed to get my days off changed to Thursday/Friday, so I no longer have to work Friday mornings and can once again attend Kilts Nights at Doolin's Irish Pub on Thursday nights.
As it happens, Kilts Night is two days before St Paddy's Day, so it should be raucous, with lots of Irish drinks passing lips, dancing to The Halifax Wharfrats' Celtic tunes, and the weather report is naughty, with a 60% chance of kilt checks in the downtown area.
Men ... strap on your tartan and let's show the ladies of Vancouver how real men have fun!
Ladies ... see above. And ask before you kilt check. Proper etiquette is required in delicate matters.
I think a new bargain should be made for kilt checks. How about a kiss for a kilt check? Sounds fair to me. And only the REALLY curious, (or fun!), gals will pony up a kiss to find out the answer to THE question. All these years, when asked THE question, I've answered, "How warm are your hands?"
My new answer will be, "Is it worth a kiss to find out?"

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