Kilts and Chicks

The MacBitseach
I discovered kilts in my mid-forties. I'm happy to have discovered them and quite happy with my life in general but there is a part of me that wishes I'd discovered kilts in my early twenties.
Any guy of, say 22 years of age, wearing a well accessorised kilt, can be a hit with the ladies.
Any guy.
It doesn't matter what you look like; too skinny, too fat, short, tall, all of these things are irrelevant if you're wearing a kilt naturally and with confidence.
I've seen it with my own eyes many times. Ordinary guys scoring big because women just fall for guys in kilts. I've even been propositioned many times. Me, a paunchy guy in my latter forties, hair starting to thin, teeth failing, and a lousy disposition, with a gift for show stopping put downs. I'm The MacBitseach and I live up to the name, yet chicks hit on me. I turn them down, of course. I'm married with a couple of boys at home and quite happy to be where I am at this stage of my life.
But if I was 22 and single ...
Why do women love men in kilts?
Simple curiosity. They just gotta know if we're not wearing anything under the kilt. Women are insatiably curious about this.
Handy access. Just knowing there is nothing between their hands and your wobbly bits is something startling to them. It's the same feeling guys get when they see a flash of a braless woman's breast, except men are used to seeing these sorts of images all the time. It's much newer to women.
What is newer to men is the ability to tease women, to almost let them see what you've got under the kilt. A quick spin, picking up a dropped object, sitting in a chair without pushing down the sporran all the way, etc. I call this Hen Teasing and I feel absolutely no guilt about dishing it out after receiving the gender opposite for about thirty years of post pubescent life.
The confidence factor. A guy needs confidence to wear a kilt and a confident guy is a turn on for women. Confident guys get that way by being successful and biologically, women are programmed to go for the alpha male type.
All three reasons for the question can be summed up in two words by any single 22 year old guy in a kilt.
When asked, "Why do women love men in kilts?" most will reply with a grin, "Who cares?"

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